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What is a Naomini?

Naominis are the materialization of wants and desires into reality, basically living  creatures of pure energy. Their presence alone can improve quality of life.

Naominis are all different by nature, but can be categorized into five total groups of attributes. 
 Power Naominis are born from the desire of strength or physical prowess. They promote emotions such as determination and persistence to the wielder. 
 Protection Naominis are great for shielding the users aura from negativity they will encounter throughout their daily life. 
 Luck Naominis are beings of pure opportunity! They promote unforeseen success and provide users with the advantage of having luck on their side. 
 Attraction Naominis are like magnets, bringing to their users what they desire most. 
 Aura Naominis are formed from people's desires of happiness and freedom. Their presence is very soothing and comforting. 


How many are there?

At this moment there are 24 unique Naominis in circulation, not accounting for the variants certain Naominis have.